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Dialogue Table in Saadnayel On “Empowering Women to Participate in Political Life”

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Association Najdeh organized a discussion table in Saad nail on the empowerment of women to participate in political life with the support and funding of the Norwegian People’s Aid and within the activities of the woman can do it in the presence of a delegation from the Norwegian Workers Union Future work, and one of the most important recommendations:
1- Forming a nucleus of scientific competencies to participate in the popular committees.

2- Adoption of the nomination and election system for women in the popular committees.

3- Women’s conviction and belief in the importance of their participation and their role in society and politics.

4-Increasing awareness and training workshops on the topics of political participation for all groups of society, male and female.

5 – Sorting each faction and political party of women to participate in the popular committees and have an active role and not just a member.

6 – The economic empowerment of women to take them in the roles of leadership and decision-making.
7 – Focus on actors, activists, organizations, and parties in the process of supporting women and their participation in political action.

8- Women must have the will to elevate themselves.

9- Promote women’s participation, activate their role more and face challenges with the support of men.

International Women’s Day Activities

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On March 8, the world celebrates International Women’s Day, highlighting women’s achievements in various social, economic, cultural and political fields, as well as an opportunity to support their participation in various fields, gender equality and support for human rights, and on this day of each year organize many events and activities.
On the occasion of International Women’s Day, association Najdeh , in coordination with the Palestinian Women’s Forum and with the support of the Canadian Fund to Support Local Initiatives, organized a series of activities and events in the Palestinian camps and gatherings, where she organized a distribution of gifts and flowers to the residents of the camp and asked questions about International Women’s Day.
In addition, a panel discussion was held on “Violence against women” in the presence of representatives of local and international Lebanese and Palestinian institutions and associations, Lebanese and Palestinian parties and factions, members of the Popular Committees, women’s organizations and the Palestinian Women’s Union.
The discussion tables included discussion and dialogue on the subject of combating violence against women and the aim of the activities organized on the occasion of International Women’s Day. A number of recommendations were presented focusing on the need to empower women, focus on involving men and work towards changing laws and ending the old view of women’s roles and to work with school and youth students to establish new concepts on the relationship between men and women in order to bring about changes in inherited concepts.
Women’s honorary celebrations were held with awareness-raising sections on women’s rights, artistic performances by kindergarten children, psychosocial support centers and speeches by branch officials. In the Burj Al Barajneh camp, the branch of Beirut and Wassal Al-Jishi stressed the role of the Social Aid Society in supporting and empowering women to become its role and rights. All Palestinian women, Arab women, and women in the world defended women’s issues and called upon the local and international community to support and support women.
In the Nahr al-Bared camp, the head of the branch, Nawal al-Hassan, stressed the need to implement the agreements on the status of women, foremost of which is UN resolution 1325. The host country called on Lebanon to grant civil and humanitarian rights to the Palestinian people, calling on UNRWA to work to find funding to support the Palestinian people, Because the abolition of its existence means the abolition of the Palestinian cause.
In the Beqaa, the official of the Bekaa branch Osama Hamza explained the difficulties and challenges faced by women in Palestine and in the diaspora, pointing out that the associations and institutions working in the Palestinian society face great responsibilities, especially at this time when the Palestinian issue is experiencing difficulties. Hamza stressed that the Social Aid Society will increase the size of the intervention with women and empower them in all economic and social fields. Hamza called on all actors in society to unite in all fields, to circumvent our national cause and to give women justice and give them what they deserve.

For her part, the official of the Beddawi branch called on the Lebanese government to recognize the human rights of the Palestinian people in Lebanon, especially the right to work and property, Health, education and social welfare services, calls for the implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination in all its articles and without reservations.

In Tyr, the coordinator of the branch, Hala Marai, pointed out that the International Women’s Day comes this year under the conditions and challenges facing the Palestinian people as a result of the announcement by US President Donald Trump, the transfer of the Embassy of the country to Jerusalem, and the consequent repercussions threatening the refugee issue, calling for the movement of women and the world to support To support all activists in all countries to achieve their civil, social, political and cultural rights.

In Saida, the Coordinator of the Branch, jihan Awad, emphasized the symbolism of International Women’s Day and its impact on women. She singled out Palestinian women for what she has done and continues to do in the struggles and sacrifices to liberate her from all forms of injustice, discrimination and exploitation for freedom and equality of rights. The rights of women continue to be violated in various ways in light of the escalation of wars and conflicts, stressing the importance of working to improve the situation of Palestinian women at all levels because of its impact on the promotion of the status of women in the national struggle and society..

Palestinian Women’s Forum Participates in The March of The International Women’s Day in Beirut

Palestinian Women’s Forum Participates in The March of The International Women’s Day in Beirut

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Among women, all women are the path to equality, justice, and freedom. The Forum of Palestinian Women participated in the march organized by women’s associations, groups, cooperatives and women’s alliances working in various Lebanese territories on the occasion of International Women’s Day.
The march carried many slogans and issues, and everyone stressed that women’s issues are not negotiable. There is no difference between Lebanese and residents except by the amount of repression they are subjected to. Equality and justice will not be achieved unless they are achieved by all of us.
During the march, the Palestinian Women Forum called for the implementation of Resolution 1325 to protect Palestinian women from the practices of the Israeli occupation, to grant the human and social rights of Palestinian refugee women and all the Palestinian people in Lebanon and to find national mechanisms to protect Palestinian refugees from gender-based violence.

The Forum also claimed on the participants to reject the denial of funding for UNRWA, the denial of health, education and social services to Palestinian refugee women, to confront the double violence against Palestinian refugee women (political-legal-gender) and to promote the political participation of Palestinian women In addition to providing legal facilities and providing the necessary humanitarian and social services for Palestinian refugees from Syria.