Program Women's & Girls Rights

The Women’s Rights Program was launched in 1997 after noting the phenomenon of domestic violence on the mothers of kindergarten children, while providing reproductive health-related activities. The association then proceeded to carry out a series of studies and research to find out the extent of the phenomenon and the reality of violence against women in the Palestinian society in Lebanon, with the aim of providing scientific information and numbers, and that from 1999 until the present day.


The program targets Palestinian refugee women and girls in Lebanon, and provides services and interventions of a holistic nature, especially for women who are survivors of violence. On the other hand, the program targets all groups of society, concerned parties and decision-makers to raise awareness of the rights of women and girls and highlight their urgent issues, especially violence and discrimination against them.

The program provides its services through its centers located in Palestinian refugee camps and gatherings in and around Lebanon, in Beirut – Saida – Tyre – North and Bekaa.

Aims to

The women’s rights program at Association Najdeh aims to combat violence and discrimination against women and girls within Palestinian society in Lebanon and within its broader context, and works to support them to access their rights in an environment free from violence and discrimination.



In order to enhance the protection of women and girls and support them to reach their rights in an environment free from violence and discrimination against them, the program provides a set of services and psychological and social interventions, whether through individual sessions or support groups, in addition to establishing and activating social protection networks for women and girls in several regions.


Awareness is one of the strategic pillars used in the prevention of violence and discrimination against women and girls, which the program offers through interactive methods, and in various forms that affect various groups of society.

Men and youth are involved in the awareness-raising process and all activities related to it, in addition to adopting the formation of committees of activists defending women’s rights, as partners in combating violence and discrimination against women and girls, in their society and with their peers.

The program approves research, and studies related to violence and discrimination against women and girls, and uses them as tools in the awareness process.

The media, social media, and media campaigns are used to raise the awareness of the local and international community about the suffering and rights of Palestinian refugee women in Lebanon.


To mobilise more voices and communities defending the rights of Palestinian refugee women, the program works to:

  • Carrying out various and targeted activities on the occasion of the 16-day campaign against violence, against women.
  • Carry out social initiatives related to women’s rights, implemented through women’s and youth committees in the regions.
  • Coordination with political, union and social bodies to increase the participation of women in public political life.
  • Build and participate in local, national, regional and international alliances and coalitions to eliminate all forms of violence and discrimination against women, including legal discrimination, or any issues related to the rights of women and girls.