Dialogue Table in Saadnayel On “Empowering Women to Participate in Political Life”

Association Najdeh organized a discussion table in Saad nail on the empowerment of women to participate in political life with the support and funding of the Norwegian People’s Aid and within the activities of the woman can do it in the presence of a delegation from the Norwegian Workers Union Future work, and one of the most important recommendations:
1- Forming a nucleus of scientific competencies to participate in the popular committees.

2- Adoption of the nomination and election system for women in the popular committees.

3- Women’s conviction and belief in the importance of their participation and their role in society and politics.

4-Increasing awareness and training workshops on the topics of political participation for all groups of society, male and female.

5 – Sorting each faction and political party of women to participate in the popular committees and have an active role and not just a member.

6 – The economic empowerment of women to take them in the roles of leadership and decision-making.
7 – Focus on actors, activists, organizations, and parties in the process of supporting women and their participation in political action.

8- Women must have the will to elevate themselves.

9- Promote women’s participation, activate their role more and face challenges with the support of men.