Solidarity Sit-in with Gaza in Front of the ESCWA Building: “It Is Your Responsibility to Stop It”

Solidarity Sit-in with Gaza in Front of the ESCWA Building: “It Is Your Responsibility to Stop It”


Beirut: Associations and NGOs organised a solidarity sit-in with Gaza in front of the ESCWA building, demanding “an end to the genocide in Gaza, as they are partners in committing this genocide, and it is their responsibility to stop it.” This was held on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, with wide public participation. After welcoming the attendees, Ms. Leila Al Ali, Director of Association Najdeh, delivered a speech, saying, “Nearly fifty days of genocide against Gaza, during which all internationally prohibited acts have been committed, targeting civilians, children, women, the elderly, medical and international crews, and even UN centres, and using all internationally banned weapons.


Nearly fifty days of genocide that could not have continued with such brutality without the green light given by Western countries, the United Nations, and the official silence of some Arab countries to the colonial, Nazi, Israeli army occupying Palestine.


Fifty days of genocide, during which we recently celebrated the International Day for the Rights of the Child, to affirm the commitment to the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, which all countries of the world have ratified, except the world’s first democracy, the United States of America, which has not ratified many international treaties. Perhaps America considers itself the master of the world and above international law, as does its protégé, Israel. Meanwhile, most Western countries view us as the Third World, where our blood, homes, land, and sky are expendable, and it is acceptable for Gaza’s children to collect the remains of their bodies and their families from their homes, playgrounds, and UN centres.


Tomorrow, we mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, which will be celebrated by UN agencies and women worldwide, except for the women and girls of Gaza and Palestine, who are subjected to the most horrific violence, crimes, and state terrorism by the forces of the Zionist occupation state.


You, who have given the occupation state the green light to commit its genocidal massacres against our people, you are partners in these unforgivable crimes, which will be recorded in the history of your democracy and your false human rights. Know that our blood is not to be shed; the blood of Gaza’s children and people will hold you accountable at your ballot boxes and by your peoples who stand in solidarity with us.


You, who have stained your hands with the blood of our children, women, and people in Gaza, know that your double-standard, hypocritical democracies and human rights have fallen on the altar of humanity in Gaza.


Know that the blood of our people in Gaza is but a beacon lighting our path to freedom and liberation, and to the shameful expulsion of the occupier, supported by your imperialism. No matter how much you support them with weapons and money, they will be driven out of our land, sky, and sea, dragging the tails of defeat and disgrace behind them.


Know that we, the people of Palestine, and the children of Palestine, are the ones who are creating a new history for this region, a history illuminated by the highest meanings of humanity, civilization, and justice, in contrast to a new region you want, submissive to your colonialism and Nazism.


Know that history will not repeat itself, and we will not allow another Nakba or setback. The land is our land, and our people will not leave it, nor will they allow the passage of displacement and resettlement projects, or any alternative homeland, or any government that comes on the back of occupation tanks, supported by your imperialism and the states biased towards this occupation.


To all international bodies, we say: All your charters that talk about equality and human rights have fallen on the altar of the bloodshed of Gaza’s children, so do not preach to us about those charters anymore, because we are the ones who will create our own charters, we are the ones who will teach our children the meaning of equality and justice that will bring our people their freedom, independence, and return. We are the ones who will teach our children and women the meaning of civilization, equality, and participation in our national struggle against the colonial occupier, in the face of your double-standard and false human rights.


To the world, we say, as the roaring peoples in the public squares have said since the start of the war on Gaza: It is not just Gaza’s battle, but the battle of the Palestinian people aspiring for freedom and independence. We will not stop our struggle until the siege on Gaza is lifted, and until we gain our national rights of return, an independent state, and self-determination, and until the dismantling of the Israeli apartheid system, including its settlements, is achieved.


Work with us and press for turning this humanitarian truce in Gaza into a permanent ceasefire and for the withdrawal of the occupation forces from Gaza and all the occupied Palestinian territories of 1967. Press with us and alongside us to prosecute the perpetrators of genocide and their accomplices in the crime.


Salute to our resilient people in Gaza, Long live our people’s struggle, long live global solidarity against occupation and colonialism, glory to the martyrs of our people everywhere, glory to the fighters facing attempts to silence them in Western and Arab countries.”