Public Session in Bar-Elias About Gender and Women Participation in Political and Public Life

Association Najdeh organized a public session by the women rights program  (Funded by Canada Fund) in Bekaa, at Palestinian cultural center Baraleas, the psychologist Fatin Zain El-Din addressed 2 topics: Gender and Palestinian women’s participation in political and public life. The Psychologist addressed gender concept and its relationship and its effect on women participation in political and public life, in the presence of members of people’s committee, women’s organization, representatives of Palestinian institutions and associations and the Union of Democratic youth. And the session focused on the Palestinian women reality and the weak participation in popular’s committees and obstacles that hinder the activation of their role and their ability to make a decision at social and political level, and what are the ways to achieve gender equality that leap of from women faith in themselves and their abilities and faith in full rights to achieve justice and legal and institutional equality.