Marathon “We are running for the right to work” in Nahr El-Bared camp

Under the theme “We Run for the Right to Work”, the Lebanese Lebanese Coalition for the right to work campaign and support for the right of return organized a sports marathon in which UNRWA school students, sports clubs, Scouts, and NGOs participated in Nahr al-Bared camp and attended by representatives of coalition institutions and schools.

The speech of the Lebanese Palestinian Coalition for the right to work campaign was given by Abu Saleh Mu’amad, during which he affirmed the right of the Palestinian refugees to work and that the Palestinian lives freely and with dignity until the return to Palestine.

He stressed the importance of the Palestinian-Lebanese dialogue to emphasize this right. “We in the Palestinian camps in Lebanon are distancing ourselves from interfering in Lebanese internal affairs and with reconciliation and civil peace with all Lebanese,” he said.

With regard to the Palestinian issue, he called for the need to emphasize Palestinian national unity in this difficult situation, which requires everyone to work together to make the Palestinian national unity project a success.