On Saturday, 20th April , Association Najdeh welcomed in Shatila center a German delegation from the German daily Taz in the so-called “travel to civil society”. The delegation included 17 people, represented by lawyers, judges, doctors, social workers, specialized in social welfare and refugee issues.

The Executive Director of Association Najdeh Ms. Leila Al-Ali, briefed the delegation on the conditions and history of the camp and the situation of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. She also introduced Najdeh and its programs and services provided in the center for children and local community.

At the end of the visit, the delegation visited the camp and the memorial statue of Sabra and Shatila massacre and the Martyrs’ Cemetery inside and outside the camp. The delegation is part of “Travels into the civil society”, which has been operating since 2008, to communicate with NGOs, projects to learn more about the social, cultural or political dynamic of the communities. The visits are organized by the daily newspaper “TAZ” in Berlin, where newspaper staff contact NGOs and identify destinations.