Breathing away anger… Talk.

Breathing away anger… Talk.


Tyre, Shabriha gathering, Association Najdeh, in cooperation with Norwegian People’s Aid, launched the “Breathe” initiative on anger, within the Women’s and Girls’ Rights Program.

This involves the making of community initiatives to enable women to participate in political and public life at the Shabriha Community for Palestinian Refugees, in Tyre, under the patronage of the elected Shabriha Raza Aoun, with the participation of the People’s Committee, Institutions and NGOs.

The initiative comes in the sense, “Breathe” away anger – we talk to mitigate domestic violence by acquiring skills to deal with anger. People usually express their anger in negative ways such as the use of violence, including violence against women.

Therefore, the initiative aims to encourage to ‘Breathe’ for the acquisition of skills to deal with anger in positive ways, which leads to reducing violence in general, towards women in particular, and thus enhancing protection from violence. It is in efforts to aid people in acquiring the skill of venting anger in healthy ways, which is reflected on the health of women and the family as a whole.

As the official of the Women’s and Girls’ Rights Program, Hiba Hajaj stressed the importance of the initiative.

This initiative had a positive echo in the Palestinian gathering as it enabled women to assume prominent positions in political and public life, where two main points were given to allow one to vent their anger in the gathering.