An activity in Tyre on Labor Day

The Lebanese-Palestinian coalition for the right to work for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon conducted an activity under the title of “We want to live in dignity”, on the occasion of Labor Day and in the sequence of the Return Back marches.

This activity was in the presence of representatives of Palestinian and Lebanese parties, local NGOs, cultural and educational clubs in the camps.

A speech on behalf of the coalition was given by Ms. Sana’a Noah, that assured on working to strengthen the resilience of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, and to strengthen the right of Return to their lands according to the UN resolution 194, and this can be done through giving them the right to work, that will contribute to enhancing their economic and social situation.

Also, Ms. Leila Mousa, the coordinator of the campaign in Tyr, assured that the rights of the Palestinian refugees are holistic and indivisible.  Ms. Mousa called the Lebanese government to give the Palestinian refugees the right to work, especially in the field of trade unions, because Lebanese Labor Law, in addition to the Syndicates Law, forbids Palestinian refugees from working.

Ms. Mousa indicated that Palestinian refugees are committed to UN resolution 194 and the right to return, and they are not in favor of normalization.

The coalition had several demands from the Lebanese government as follows:

1-To work on solving the mysterious idioms and gaps of the Labor Law especially in implementing laws 128 & 129 – 2010

2-Invite the specialized Lebanese authorities to take necessary measures to lift the restrictions and discriminative measures of the laws 128 & 129/2010

3-Empowering the registered resident Palestinian refugees of attaining a free permanent work permit, according to the official refuge ID; this is as a positive preliminary step towards cancellation of work permits for Palestinian refugees.

4-Giving Palestinian refugees the opportunity to benefit from the national social security fund in return for submission to all complete fees

5-Amend the internal regulations of the free trade unions in order to exclude the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon from the implementation of the principle of reciprocity, or the requirement of obtaining the Lebanese citizenship, and giving the competent and qualified persons the rights granted by international conventions ratified by Lebanon.

5- The Government’s consistency and commitment to the Ministerial declaration Policies of successive governments since 2005 to improve the economic and social conditions of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and to meet Lebanon’s international obligations towards the International Convention of Human Rights and the agreements signed by the Lebanese State, which include conditions to respect human rights.