A workshop at Barr Elias camp about “The Civil and Social Rights of Palestinian Refugees

The Lebanese-Palestinian Coalition of Right To Work in coordination with the Palestinian Red Crescent conducted a workshop under the title of “The Civil and Social Rights of Palestinian Refugees” at Barr Elias camp in Beqa’a. The workshop targeted the doctors and the nurses.

The Coordinator of the RTW campaign in Beqa’a had an opening speech and welcomed the director of the hospital of the Palestinian Red Crescent Dr. Imad Koussa.

The lawyer Mohamad Rheimi gave a presentation about the Lebanese Labor law and the obstacles that faces Palestinian workers, also talked about the right of ownership and social security.

The Palestinian researcher and the director of the Development and Humanitarian Center Souhil AlNatour indicated to the bitter situation that the Palestinian worker is living without any rights due to the unjust Lebanese Labor Law.

The participants in the workshop discussed the topics demonstrated.

As a result, recommendations were set to enhance advocacy strategies and to activate the right to work by creating lobbying civil societies to modify the Labor Law.

At the end of the workshop, the coordinator of Beqa’a Branch Mr. Osama Hamze at Association Najdeh thanked the attendants and the lecturers and the administration of the Palestinian Red Crescent at Barr Elias.