A solidarity stand at Al – AFAk Institute in Tyre on “International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People”

On the occasion of the International Solidarity Day with Palestinian People, the Lebanese – Palestinian Right to Work Campaign Coalition held a solidarity stand at the Institute with the participation of students, teachers and the administration of the Institute.

Mr. Hussein Khalifa, Director of the Al-Afak Institute, said that the solidarity with the Palestinian refugees and their suffering, especially the work and the discriminatory laws imposed on them, was emphasized. He stressed the unity of the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples and the full support of the refugees.

The Lebanese – Palestinian Right to Work Campaign Coalition’s speech presented by the coordinator of the RTW campaign in the Tyre Miss Laila Mousa, which confirmed that this day is an occasion for solidarity with us as a Palestinian people, pointing out that the United Nations by announcing on 29 November day as solidarity with the Palestinian people to emphasize the responsibility of the international community at political, moral and legal regarding Nakba Day for Palestinian people, which was accompanied by the resolution of partition No. 181, which divided Palestine into two states.

Miss Moussa asked the Lebanese authorities to lift restrictions on the right to work to let Palestinian people live in dignity and helps ensure the foundations of persistence until return back to Palestine, stressing that work is right and return is a right, and the Palestinian people will not compromise and give up those two rights.

On behalf of the coalition, Miss Moussa called on the international community to hold its responsibilities by realizing the right and end the occupation and return back to Palestine, which is occupied under the sight of the world.

Miss Moussa also thanked the director, students and students of Al Afak Institute for their solidarity with the Palestinian cause on this occasion.