The vocational rehabilitation project began in 1978 accompanied by vocational guidance and job creation, with the aim of providing young people, especially women, with professional skills that enhance their opportunities for employment and self-sufficiency, and in a way that contributes to alleviating the difficult economic and social conditions faced by Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

The project targets Palestinian refugee women and girls in 7 Palestinian camps and 3 communities in Lebanon, in the areas of Beirut – Saida – tyre – Bekaa – and the Northern regions.

Vocational Guidance and Possessing Life Skills

Conducting professional orientation workshops for beneficiaries and their families, and training workshops on life skills to improve the competencies of trainees in the labor market.

Vocational Training

Providing vocational training courses based on the community and market need.
Providing a Stage for beneficiaries, in addition to finding work for no less than 40% of graduates / annually.



The Right to Work Campaign is an essential component of the Vocational Training project, and aims to enhance the level of coordination with civil organisations, Activists, and decision makers, in order to mobilise more votes to defend the right to work for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, and to work to overcome the severe discriminatory restrictions imposed on Palestinian workers in a way General, and Palestinian women in particular.

The campaign organises workshops, awareness-raising activities and advocacy campaigns on the economic and social rights of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon in general, and Palestinian refugee women in particular, in addition to topics related to violence and discrimination against them.