The vocational training program aims to empower women and strengthen their rights, which helps in changing the values and practices, especially those related to patriarchal domination, through:

  1. Building the capacities of female Palestinian refugees and providing them with professional skills that let them enter the labor market and be financially independent.
  2. develop the skills and abilities of female Palestinian refugee in camps and gatherings to participate in planning, evaluating, and decision making through endowing them:
    1. Skills of Vocational counseling, life skills, and being employing to increase their competing abilities in the markets.
    2. Background knowledge in economics and human rights of women, which enables them to defend their rights as employee and to attain their natural rights to participate in work fields and communities as whole.

The vocational training center was initiated in 1978, and it has been offering a wide range of vocational courses. The association has 10 training centers throughout seven camps and three Palestinian communities. The program targets yearly about 350 trainees (80% of which are females).

The vocational committee at the training centers provide employment chances to about 40% of the yearly graduates/trainees. This contributes in reducing the socio-economic difficulties, and it also enables the Palestinians to break the constrains imposed on employment of Palestinians as whole, and on Palestinian women in particular.

Vocational training program’s courses are selected based on local community needs, the market, and the work skills in demand. Some of the courses which are currently offered at our centers are: accounting, computer skills, photography and montage, hair dressing, secretariat, marketing and business, network supplying, mobile repairing, etc… in addition to awareness sessions which tackling topics of inter personal skills, the importance of employment, female economic contribution, and human/economic/social rights regarding women are included in courses. The vocational training program conducts periodical research on challenges that faced by Palestinian women in the work field.