The International Palestinian coalition for the Right of Return is a community and organizational framework that includes associations, unions and committees in its harmonic framework. It works in the fields of defending the rights and issues of the Palestinian refugees prioritizing their Right of Return. The coalition works around the world across the Palestinian, Arabic and international communities and it is based in Jerusalem, Palestine.

Goals of the coalition:

The international Palestinian coalition for the Right of Return defends the Palestinian refugees’ right of return to their original houses on the bases of the absolute principles of right and justice, the principles of the international law, and the related UN resolutions especially the resolution number 194 that issued in December 11th, 1984 being as the key resolution.

By that, the coalition aims to:

  1. Protect and strengthen the refugees rights to confront the economic, social, and political marginalization
  2. Confront the initiatives and attempts of neglecting the Right of Return and efface the national identity of the Palestinian people.
  3. Emphasize the unity of refugees’ case being a national issue which unite the Palestinian people across historical Palestine and in diaspora and exiles.
  4. Strengthen the local NGOs and agencies which are working among the refugees to reach a strong social structure that is capable of defending the refugee’s right especially the right of return.
  5. Work with the concerned parties to provide temporary international protection for the Palestinian refugees across their place of residence.
  6. Work to support international public campaigns to push for sanctions against Israel and boycotting it until it complies to the international legitimacy resolutions, confesses and fully abides to the refugees rights (right of return, redemption of properties, and compensations)
  7. Confront all the initiatives which are aiming to neglect the right of return as it is being a principle human right, in addition to an individual and public right that cannot be abdicated, given away, nor abandonment
  8. Call all the concerned parties (UNRWA, UNHCR, the hosting Arab countries, etc…) to fulfill their duties concerning the Palestinian refugees
  9. Confront the plans and projects that are aiming for the settlement of the Palestinian refugees in order to abandon their right of return to their original homes.

The basic provisions of Coalition:

  1. The issue of Palestinian refugees is considered as one, complete and inseparable case across all the areas where Palestinian refugees exist
  2. The right of return for the Palestinian refugees to their original homes and properties which they were displaced from is a natural sacred right supported by the declaration of human rights and all the related international conventions and treaties which the UN resolution number 194 was based on.
  3. The right of return is an inseparable right among the other Palestinian refugees rights (including protection, redemption of properties, and compensations), and it is an integral part of the fixed and inalienable national rights of the Palestinian people.
  4. The right of return is strongly related to the right of self-determination which means that the return is a key condition prior to the right of self-determination; which in turns have both national and individual influence.
  5. The international Palestinian coalition for the Right of Return is an independent civil body that expresses the interests of the refugees with their right of return to their original homes being on top of those rights. The coalition does not aim for any political presence or representation; whereas, the Palestine Liberation Organization is the legitimate and only representative of the Palestinian nation.
  6. The international Palestinian coalition for the Right of Return is a branch of the return movement and aims to integrate, collaborate, and coordinate with the other branches which having goals aligned with the one of the coalition.