Work on the social affairs project began in 1978 with the establishment of the association, with the aim of providing support to displaced Palestinian families affected by wars and conflicts in Lebanon. Since 2015, the project has become fully dependent on self-sufficiency through local donations from affordable Palestinian and Lebanese individuals and families in Lebanon and abroad.

The program targets women supporting their families, to be able to secure part of the basic needs of their families, and through them it targets the other members of the family equally between males and females. The project provides its services in Palestinian refugee camps and gatherings in Lebanon in Beirut – Saida – Tyre – North and Bekaa.


Referrals For Other Programs

Based on the association’s holistic approach, the Social Affairs Project works to provide members of its targeted families with other programs in the association, especially those aimed at economic and social empowerment, such as vocational training projects and loans, to contribute to improving the ability of families to cope with difficult economic conditions.

Assistance Evaluation

The project provides assistance to the most marginalized families in the Palestinian society in Lebanon as follows:

Pay monthly money to orphan children.
Medical assistance instead of operations or medications for chronic diseases’ patients.
Assistance for university students.
Financial aid provided to the family.
In-kind assistance (food packages, clothes, shoes, etc.)


The project organizes media and advertising campaigns to collect donations with the aim of:

Mobilizing public opinion to advocate for the economic and social rights of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.
Donations and Aid for the poorest and most marginalized families.
Promote solidarity and social solidarity with marginalized groups locally and internationally.