Project Pre-school education

The project was launched in the year 1977 with the establishment of the association, and it is one of the oldest projects it manages. It aims to help working women and breadwinners for their families, to make them available for work, by providing pre-school education for their children.

The project aims to ensure that Palestinian refugee children obtain their right to pre-school education, in a safe environment, which leads to the development of their mental, physical, linguistic, and psychological abilities.

The project targets children aged 3-5 years and their parents in 6 Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon in Beirut – Saida – Tyre and the North.


Empowering Parents in the Educational Process

The project works to enable parents to play a greater role in the educational and social development process of their children, enhance communication between them, and involve them in various educational and community activities, and in their ownership of knowledge related to children’s rights.

Educational and Learning Activities

Children are prepared to enroll in primary school, through an active and holistic approach to learning, which in turn is based on promoting awareness, participatory and exploratory skills and creativity for children. The project works to address the psychological, social and linguistic problems of children in cooperation with parents and specialists.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The project organizes both extracurricular class-rooms activities and class-room activities for kindergarten children and children between 7 and 14 years old, in cooperation and coordination with the Education and Psychosocial Support Project.