Association Najdeh has partners and donors that provide various forms of financial, technical and support through personnel.

A type of partner or donor differs based on the type of support being provided and its duration. These partners/ donors can be categorized according to the following:

  1. The Union of Association Partners, which was established in the latter half of the nineties and which was composed of strategic partners who support the association as a whole and support its entire list of programs including the salaries of employees.
  2. The union convenes annually or sometimes bi-annually to discuss all matters in relation to the association and its partners. Since its inception in the nineties, the union has expanded from seven members to 11 members in 2015.
  3. Strategic partners who support specific programs or centers for relatively long periods of time.
  4. Donors who support specific programs or centers that are presented to them on a yearly basis.
  5. New donors who offer financial support according to call outs for help or requests for certain projects.
  6. Donors for urgent projects and humanitarian crisis. These can either be from our long term partners or new donors who work only in the humanitarian aid field.
  7. Individual donors from local Palestinian and Lebanese society as well as international individual donors.
  8. Local community and specially the relatives of families that benefit from the association’s programs, and in turn also contributes to the longevity of its various programs and projects.

The relationship between the association and our partners/ donors is transparent and aims to maintain our specialized services which the local community and the beneficiaries need. We aim through our relationship to preserve continuous communication and interaction with our partners and to regularly consult with them on all matters concerning the projects and how to improve them.

It is worthwhile mentioning that since the start of the Syrian crisis, the orientation of aid and support has shifted towards focusing on projects that are solely for humanitarian aid, while support for development projects work for Palestinian refugees has been slowly diminishing. Despite this trend, Najdeh has managed to successfully maintain its various aid programs including those that aim to protect Palestinian refugee families displaced from Syria as well as Palestinian refugee families that resided in Lebanon prior to the outbreak of the Syrian crisis and who suffer from financial hardships.

Association Najdeh would like to thank all its partners and donors who continue to contribute and support its programs and projects.