The goal of the advocacy program is to strengthen the values and practices of Palestinian refugees’ human rights, women and men.

Social mobilization, pleading, and advocacy campaigns are techniques used by the association in this program which focuses on national and human rights of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. The national rights are based on the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194, including the right of return, and the full implementation of UNRWA’s responsibilities. It aims, in the short term, to improve the policies and practices and abolish discriminatory laws that violate the human rights of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

In light of the continued state of asylum, displacement and persistent state of discrimination against Palestinian refugee, especially socio-economic discrimination that prevails by limiting work access of refugees to most professions and / or prohibiting the practice of 36 professions based on the regulatory laws, and denying Palestinians of social protection, the right of real estate ownership and better living conditions in the camps to rise into adequacy and decency, and with the continued deterioration and reduced services and budgets of the Palestinian relief agency i.e UNRWA, the program is working to achieve the following:

  1. Strengthening the Palestinian, Lebanese, regional and international support on the right to return of Palestinian refugees to their homes in accordance with United Nations General Assembly resolution 194.
  2. Expanding partnerships, coordination and networks to amend discriminatory laws against Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.
  3. Reinforcing the role of civil society in awareness programs made by UNRWA.

The advocacy program is based on humanitarian approaches, conventions, international and regional treaties on human rights, refugees, women and children, first and foremost as an example: “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, the two International Covenants, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, “The Istanbul Action Plan”, Child rights, etc.

The Advocacy program works on three axes:

  1. The right of return of refugees:
  2. Human and social rights of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon
  3. The relief agency / UNRWA and its services

The program’s mission is to socially mobilize local communities, Palestinians, Lebanese, both regionally and internationally, and uniting them to participate in advocacy and various campaign activities, including the activities and events of interactive theaters, seminars and workshops, which aim to raise awareness regarding rights and laws. Arguably, the most prominent is the campaign of “the right to work for Palestinian refugees,” which was based on the results of two studies recommendations made on the impact of micro-credit programs and vocational training. It has been concluded from the researches that balancing between skills and opportunities with advocacy programs and pleads for the right to practice work without restrictions and the abolition of discriminatory laws and procedures that are enforced by the Lebanese Government towards the Palestinian refugees and the application of the principle of reciprocity, can empower women and improve the standards of living conditions economically of the Palestinian community in Lebanon

On affairs level, Association Najdeh connects with local, regional, and international decision makers. It holds meetings and undergo workshops with embassies, United Nations agencies, the Lebanese parties, Palestinian factions, and decision makers. Websites and social media are used for social mobilization of partners, regional and international organizations.