Association Najdeh is a feminist secular non-governmental organization that was founded during the civil war in 1976, and registered in the Lebanese Internal Affairs Ministry as a civil independent non-governmental organization in 1978 (apprised and notified as 0169 \ED). Since its initiation, it has targeted women, especially vulnerable ones, and fought for their rights, and empowered them on economical, social, educational and legal levels.

Association Najdeh believes that human rights, especially those concerning women, are universal and whole, inalienable, indivisible and non-discriminatory. Thus, this association considers that civil activism for a more modern secular democratic society is the essential key to true citizenship, democracy, social justice, and equality among the vulnerable, especially among men and women. In order to achieve this goal, Najdeh collaborates and contributes in establishing non-governmental feminist networks and forums locally, nationally, and internationally like “Palestinian Women Forum”, “ Euro-Mediterranean Feminist Initiative EFI-IFE”, and “ Aisha’s Network” which all aim at empowering women everywhere.

The vision of  Najdeh is to strive for a Palestinian society enjoying national and human rights, social justice and full equality among women and men.

The mission of  Najdeh is to empower Palestinian refugee women in Lebanon through equipping them with the necessary means and instruments to reach social, educational, political and economic equality and through enabling them to assume key roles in achieving sustainable development and transitional justice for the Palestinian community in Lebanon.

The Values of Najdeh:

All workers in Association Najdeh , employees and volunteers, are responsible for reinforcing human rights and social justice, including the rights of women, men, and children. They are committed to respecting human dignity and giving equal value to all people without discrimination. These values guide their behavior regardless of prevailing formal and social practices that might conflict with AN’s values.

Association Najdeh Goals:

Through using a developmental, holistic, and integrated approach between different programs and services, association Najdeh seeks:

  1. Empowering women and strengthen their rights in order to change dominant patriarchal and masculine values, structures and practices.
  2.  Strengthening the values and practices of comprehensive human rights for Palestinian refugees – women and men – in Lebanon
  3. Contributing to securing holistic developmental support for the most vulnerable sectors of Palestinian society in Lebanon.

Thus, Association Najdeh is dedicated to provide direct and indirect services to achieve its goals, in 29 centers distributed over 9 Palestinian camps and 6 gatherings throughout Lebanese areas.