Women Rights Program

Women Rights Program

Through reinforcing the practice and values of total Palestinians’ human rights in Lebanon, of both women and men, the program’s mission is to:

  1. Enhance the ability of protecting marginalized groups, especially women.
  2. Strengthen public and political participation of Palestinian refugees.
  3. limit discrimination and gender based violence against female Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Women’s rights program was initiated in 1996 to provide services and raise awareness regarding reproductive health. Basing on the studies conducted by Association Najdeh indicating the prevalence of domestic violence , the association started providing domestic violence related services, that include: capacity building for staff on counseling violated women, training the staff also on the whole issue of domestic violence and facing it, and raising awareness on women’s rights, both locally and nationally.

Specialists were hired to provide psychological and legal services for violated women-survivors when the need emerged. Women’s rights program mission of raising awareness on women’s rights was accomplished by collaborating with other social programs within Association Najdeh and Palestinian women social forums, to provide interventions targeted women, especially survivors of domestic violence. To achieve this program, different groups were targeted: women and men, non-governmental organizations, activists, and activists within the Palestinian community in Lebanon. Awareness raising goals were: a) enhancing leadership skills and knowledge on the topic b) creating an atmosphere that enables activists, political committees, and non-governmental organizations to debate on women’s political participation and reinforce it.

In addition, the program aims at establishing protection committees whose members are from non-governmental organizations, and activists in the local communities spread in camps, in order to build a social support group for women based on rights, and to create safe environments.

The program provides legal services, psychotherapy, support groups, workshops on different topics ( such as human rights and women’s rights), and training on: violence, discrimination, conflict management, and other topics concerning women’s rights and mental health .The program also provides guidance and counseling for women survivors of domestic violence. The program advocates for human rights of women through campaign, and produces interactive material designed to raise awareness about women’s rights, like movies, research, brochures, etc.

In order to create safe spaces and violence-free environments, where women and men enjoy equal rights, the program works on the implementation of its advocacy activities and campaigns within the local community, and on national, regional and international levels. The association coordinates with organizations and non-governmental networks that have membership within Association Najdeh, especially the Palestinian Women’s Forum, the Euro-Mediterranean initiative, and the Aisha and Salma networks, where men and women, decision makers and politicians, civic organizations and networks are rallied to engage in the defense of women’s rights, limit discrimination and end gender based violence.

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