Association Najdeh is a secular feminist democratic organization that was founded at the beginning of civil war in 1976 and was registered in 1978 with the Lebanese Ministry of Municipalities and Interior as an independent non-governmental association (apprised and notified as 0169 /AD).

Najdeh works mainly with Palestinian refugee women and girls, and through them, with the wider marginalized social strata of the Palestinian community in Lebanon. It also targets other poor communities who live in the camps and gatherings.

OUR Vision:

We envision a Palestinian society that enjoys full and equitable access to all national and human rights, and where social justice and full equality between women and men prevail.


Association Najdeh’s six core values direct its work and form the foundation for its working principles. Guided by a non-remitting respect for women and children’s human rights, our work will lead to non – discriminatory secular democratic environment. Thus, individuals’ personal beliefs and rights and will be respected and all members of the Palestinian community can participate in achieve sustainable development with the involvement of all key actors including local communities. Najdeh values are firmly based on a belief that human rights, especially women’s rights, are universal and whole, inalienable, indivisible and non-discriminatory


Najdeh strives to combat the negative repercussions of a patriarchal society. It considers that civil activism for a more modern secular democratic society is the essential key to real democracy, social justice, and equity among the vulnerable, especially among men and women.

Najdeh advocate for Gender equality that entails equal rights for women and men, girls and boys, as well as the same visibility, empowerment, responsibility and participation in all spheres of public and private life. It also implies equal distribution of resources, equal access to those for women and men.

Najdeh aims to create lasting changes, where it is necessary to bring on board and collaborate with key stakeholders, whether government bodies, UN agencies, partner NGOs, or local community members. It is keen to community and people’s support for changes intend to achieve, while simultaneously they are provided with access to basic services needed. It strives for both; change and right-based service provision.


Najdeh seeks to combat violence and discrimination, notably among Palestinian refugee women and girls, through key approaches and working methods that are mainstreamed across our programs. Such approaches include:

▪        Advocacy work, whether locally, nationally regionally, and internationally

▪        Rights-based approaches

▪        Capacity building and institutional development

▪        Protection and networking

Additionally, Najdeh’s mainstream gender-based approaches and constantly seeks to build new partnerships. To support its working methods, and despite the presence of three core programs, it relies on strong internal coordination and referrals.

While non-discrimination and participation are among Najdeh’s core values, networking and advocacy are key working methods mainstreamed across all its work. Accordingly, it’s keen on building wide and inclusive partnerships with diverse actors.

During times of crisis, its whole team across all areas of operations mobilizes to support disaster management and emergency work.


Najdeh strives for women and girls’ human and social rights, to achieve equity on all levels through holistic approaches that focus on enlisting fundamental changes in discriminatory concepts and practices. Through using holist development integral approach between different all its programs and services, association Najdeh seeks for:

  • Women and girls’ empowerment promoted, enabling them to achieve self-sufficiency socially and economically.
  • The cultural, educational, social, and psychological well-being of the most marginalized social strata among the Palestinian community in Lebanon promoted.
  • Discrimination and violence against girls and women combatted within the Palestinian community in Lebanon and its wider context.

In order to achieve these objectives, Najdeh collaborates and contributes to establishing non-governmental feminist, children and community networks and forums locally, nationally, and internationally.


Association Najdeh operates 29 centers across the five main regions of Lebanon; Beirut, Tripoli, Saida, Tyre, and Bekaa. The centers are located in and around Palestinian refugee camps and gatherings, ensuring that they are easily accessible to the target groups; Palestinian refugee girls and women, and through them to all marginalized social strata. Although Najdeh is a feminist organization, it acknowledges that the real change needs to target and mobilize all community members, including boys and men.