In order to contribute in providing a secured holistic support to develop the most fragile and vulnerable sectors within the Palestinian community in Lebanon, Association Najdeh introduced the mother and child program (Early Childhood), which aims to “develop the capacities and cognitive skills, language, social skills, and physical abilities, of children between the ages 3 – 5 years “.

The implementation of the mother-child program started in 1977, which targeted children and parents through educational activities. It targets approximately 550 children annually, whose ages range from 3 to 5 years, in six kindergartens spread in six Palestinian camps. The program also organizes summer activities for nearly 700 children whose ages range from 7 to 14 years.

The program prepares children to join the primary school and enables the parents to play a greater role in the educational development and social process of their children through the application of a range of activities that fosters the communication between parents and their children and enables them to address the problems of the child faced in the environment.

Mother and child program is an active and holistic approach of learning, which is based on raising awareness promoting skills, and increasing creative participatory capacities of children, through: interactive games, sports, theater, reading, trips, awareness regarding the national culture, history, human and child rights, equality, health and child , etc.

The program also involves parents in the educational programs for children in community activities, based on the Child Right Convention.