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The Forum of Palestinian Women in Lebanon is a space where associations and individuals committed to Women Rights meet to work towards Palestinian women’s empowerment and to alleviate the triple discrimination challenging Palestinian Refugee Women in Lebanon: discrimination based on their gender, on their refugee status and on their statelessness.
It is a non-political, secular and democratic organization gathering members from the civil society sharing a strong belief in Women’s Rights.
The Forum of Palestinian Women in Lebanon believes in a secular world free from all kinds and forms of discrimination and violence against women; a world where all Palestinian women have full, equal and same rights and roles as any other humans with no regard to their gender, nationality or status.
Our Mission

The mission of the Forum is to free Palestinian refugee women in Lebanon from the triple discrimination, empower them by raise their awareness, and advocate for their rights by mobilizing local, national and international stakeholders.
Members of Palestinian Women Forum in Lebanon

At launching of forum in September 2008, the Forum had composed of four Palestinian Non -Governmental Organizations which committed to Women’s issues:
• Association Najdeh,
• Solidarity Association for Social and Cultural Development
• Women’s Humanitarian Organization,
• Palestinian Arab Women League

And one individual: Aziza Khalidi, Doctor in Public Health and Expert in Domestic Violence program, drafter of the first and second CEDAW shadow reports.
Additional members will be welcomed to join the Forum and become members and particpate in any related activities.
Our Objectives
Raise the awareness of Palestinian communities to ease sexual and gender based discrimination as well as stereotypes of women;

Advocate PLO and Palestinian Authority to increase women’s participation at higher level of political decision making to reach a system of governance that recognizes and protects women’s rights.

Advocate the Lebanese Government to modify the Lebanese personal status law and to raise reservations on CEDAW since such changes would have direct positive impacts on Palestinian women.

Advocate Lebanese and Palestinian stakeholders to adopt domestic violence law.

Advocate Lebanese Government and United Nations to increase resources allocated to UNRWA so that it can insure better basic health, education and social services to women.

Advocate UNHCR to intensify linkages with UNRWA in the area of sharing information and experiences on sexual and gender based violence and adapt the UNHCR Sexual and Gender Based Violence guideline to the need of Palestinian refugee women.

Our activities

Awareness raising and educational activities at community level with debates, workshops, seminaries, documentaries, pedagogical games, etc;

Advocacy toward Lebanese, Palestinian and international stakeholders with petitions, studies, newsletters, meetings, studies, surveys, etc;

Networking with Lebanese and Palestinian NGOs and support to initiatives and campaigns from the civil society that will have a positive impact on Palestinian refugee women in Lebanon;

Mobilization of Medias as local, regional and international level.

Contact us

For any additional information concerning the Forum of Palestinian Women in Lebanon, please contact:

01 305 487

The forum of Palestinian women in Lebanon appreciates
support and solidarity from donors and volunteers